Dubai Water Canal Phase I


R999/1 is a RTA project which is a part of the overall development around Jumeirah Creek connecting to the Arabian Sea. Once the project is completed, will provide opportunity of accessing the most prestigious new and old districts of Dubai in either direction. It will further create numerous opportunities such as significantly increasing waterfront developments, provide possibility of modern water transport, improve water quality in the Dubai Creek, etc. as well as surrounding area will become signature tourist attraction.
The project consists of construction of two separate multi span bridges with eight lanes of traffic in each direction along Sheikh Zayed Road alignment. The multi-span cast-in-place prestressed concrete bridges will be approximately 600m long, 36.7m wide with a navigational clearance of 8m vertically & 50m wide horizontally. In addition to the above, also require modification in the vicinity of the project along Sheikh Zayed Road and providing access to the surrounding new development in the area. Our scope of work in this project is the diversion of underground utilities such as water, irrigation sewerage and drainage  that were either clashing with the newly constructed Sheikh Zayed road bridge or were passing through the proposed water canal.

Client RTA
Main Contractor Gunal & Mapa Construction & Trade
Sub contract works value AED 79,010,025.86
Scope of work Infrastructural works including : Water, Sewerage, Irrigation, Etisalat & Du
Completion date 2016